Frequently asked questions about car rental

The most frequently asked questions

While renting a car you may encounter a lot of questions. We aim to make the process as easy as possible and our office is opened 7 days a week to answer your questions. In this post we have collected the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Office hours and pick-up and return hours

Can I return my rental car after office hours?

Yes! Returning a rental car can be completed 24/7. We have dedicated key safe in our office front door. Please keep in mind that at our rental location payed parking is mandatory till midnight, 00:00h.

What is a rental day?

A rental day starts at 08:00 in the morning and runs till 08:00 in the morning on the next day. If your rental car is available on the afternoon before your rental period starts it is often possible to pick-up your car without extra costs. If you want to be certain the car is available you can reserve it for early pick-up for € 25,- extra, incl. BTW.

Deposit and payment

What payment and deposit options are available?

At Nedcars it is not possible to pay in cash at all. This to ensure our and your safety. All passenger cars need to be paid by credit card, named to the rentee of the vehicle. Passenger vans and delivery vans can be paid by bankcard or credit. Both need to be in the rentee name.

When do I receive my deposit back?

You will receive the remainder of the deposit back on your bank account within 2-5 working days. Did the deposit not reach your account within 5 working days, please contact our office to confirm your account data.

Rental terms and conditions

I just got my driving license, can I rent a car?

At Nedcars Car Rental you can rent a car or van when you have your driving license longer than 1 year.

Can I use my car abroad during the rental period?

Yes, you can! Please make sure you ask our office to add the necessary insurance to your rental agreement. Please check here for a list of countries we can insure you for.

Can my rental car be delivered at my location?

For returning business customers Nedcars can deliver your car at your location. Please ask our office for the conditions.

Can I rent with unlimited kilometers?

Yes, most of our cars have unlimited kilometers for rental periods 7 days or more. Also most of our special offers have unlimited kilometers added for free.

Damage and breakdown

I have some damage on my rental car, what do I do now?

In case of an accident: please stay calm and safe. Make sure you fill out the “European Damage Form” that you can find in the glove box of your rental car or download it at Europees damage form. Verify that you have filled out all the questions about you and any party involved and get signatures from all parties.

My rental car had a breakdown, what do I do now?

Even though our cars are young and well maintained, sometimes a breakdown can happen. If you run into a flat tire or other problems, we have an additional service to help you on your as soon as possible. You can find more info on the Nedcars Assistance page.