Terms and conditions Nedcars Autoverhuur

You always reserve a car from a car class. It is not possible to reserve a specific brand or type car. It is possible to request a preference and we will try to supply your preferred car. We always reserve the right to provide a similar car or a car from a higher class.

Pick-up of your rental car on the afternoon before the start of the rental

Often it is possible to pick-up your rental car the afternoon before your rental starts without extra charges. Please inquire by telephone at our reception if your car is available early. However, we cannot guarantee early pick-up.

Deposit and identification

Cash payments or deposit is not possible at all. We do not have a cash register.

– Passenger cars: Cat. AA through P: payment of deposit and rental costs only by creditcard. All cards must be in the name of the hirer.
– Passenger vans and delivery vans: payment of deposit and rental costs only by creditcard or Bank/PIN card. All cards must be in the name of the hirer.

The deposit that has to be payed at the start of the rental is equal to the personal liability plus rental costs. All cards used for identification and payments must be in the name of the hirer.

Hirer is minimum 21 years old and has a valid dutch driving license for longer than 1 year. In addition we always require a second form of identification e.g. a passport or ID card.

Personal liability in case of damage or theft.

For all vehicles a default personal liability applies. The height of this amount depends on the car and can be found in de car details. In that information you can also find the option to lower the personal liability.

Hirer is not allowed to loan, give or rent the rental car to any third party. Damages in these case will be for the account of hirer.

For all overhead damages a high excess applies. For a hirer who is a consumer this excess is maximum € 1500,00, (see article 12, paragraph 1 of the General terms and conditions of Bovag Verhuurbedrijven.) For a hirer who is a commercial hirer this excess is maximum € 5000,00 (see article 10, paragraph 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of Bovag Verhuurbedrijven). The personal data of the hirer/driver can be included in the Rental Car Warning System in cases the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are not met. Also see article 20 of the general terms and conditions.

Country limitations

The rental cars of Nedcars Autoverhuur are not allowed to drive outside of the Netherlands, unless you have had your rental agreement updated with the permission to use the rental car abroad. This permission can only be granted for the following countries:

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tsjech, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Nedcars Autoverhuur can refuse rental without giving any reason.
No rights can be derived from the information on this website. 

Overzicht toegestane landen
The rental cars of Nedcars Autoverhuur are only allowed to drive in the countries marked in blue.