Wintersport car rental special offer

Winter is coming! Temperatures are dropping and the first snow has been reported in the Swiss and French Alps for a great fun and snow-filled trip.
Happy family on a Wintersports trip with a rental car

Spend the holiday season with your family at the most beautiful winter sports resorts in Europe. Fresh air in the outdoors and some exercise provide an excellent way to stay healthy. And this wintersport trip can be a lot cheaper than you think with our Wintersport special offer. The best deals for your ski trip!

All-inclusive rates
We offer special all-inclusive* rates. So you’ll get all this free of charge:

  • All-season tyres
  • Snow chains
  • Use abroad incl 24/7 assistance
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • 2 drivers per contract

Our great collection of wintersports rental cars is large, but limited. Be sure to book as soon as possible. You book your hotel and check the safety of your destination and we’ll get you the best deal on your car.

* Minimal rental period is 7 days

An overview of all cars selected for this special offer can be found here: cars selected for wintersport rental

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