Rent a moving truck in Amsterdam region

Rent a moving truck in Amsterdam

Sooner or later, everyone moves house at one point. Whether you’re moving into your first ever room while at college (have you checked out our special student discount yet?) or whether you’ve finally managed to get that mortgage,  having a large van or truck for moving house at your disposal might come in handy then. We have a selection of moving trucks available for you. These are all equipped with a tail lift, which helps lift those heavy items into the back of the truck.

Packing up

As soon as the move is in sight, packing has to be done. Many hardware stores sell moving boxes and other useful equipment such as bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. It is helpful to put aside things that you might need before or during the move. Marked boxes or separate rooms for storing your things, such as your credit card, driver’s license, bank and insurance papers, etc. are useful options. 

Numbering boxes

A frequently used tip is to number the moving boxes and keep an index sheet, which states in which box separate items might be found or where they should go. Place this sheet somewhere visible in both the old and the new house, so everyone knows exactly where your stuff should go. Handy, especially when different people come to help with the move.

Rent a moving van

As soon as the date of the move is known and you have a rough idea of ​​the amount of items that’ll be moving with you, you can contact us to discuss any wishes regarding the type of car as well as a pick-up and return schedule. This is especially important, since most of our rentals occur on the first or last weekend of the month. We have a large fleet, but our stock is limited to our present collections of rental cars and trucks.  

Also be sure to check in advance whether your driver’s license, passport and debit or credit card are still valid and if you have sufficient credit. An extra check might avoid needless hassle just before the move. 

You might want to have an extra driver on hand. In this case, we’ll also need his / her driving licence for insurance.

Load capacity van relocation

When choosing the right van for your move, check the amount of stuff you have, as well as weight. Five boxes of books may hardly take up any space, but their weight might exceed that of your entire 3-seater sofa put together. Large amounts of items that are relatively light, may still have lots of volume. In this case, we recommend renting a moving van with a minimum of 12 m³. Will you be moving large pieces of furniture, like a large sofa and cupboards, beds or large dining tables,  a van of 20 m³ is recommended.

If you’re moving a lot of heavy items, keep in mind that a maximum load capacity is specified for each type of car. Exceeding that loading capacity may pose risks to safety and can result in fines. The driver is always held responsible for correctly loading the car. Should you have any questions concerning these regulations and policies, please contact us. 

Looking for a suitable van? Visit this page.

Pick up van for relocation

When you pick up the moving van, you can also rent a variety of accessories from us. We offer lashing straps, moving blankets, trolleys, hand trucks, etc. for rent, as well as hoisting equipment, such as a rope & block.

In our fleet we offer passenger cars, delivery vans, passenger vans and delivery vans with integrated cooling for catering jobs. All from our location near Amsterdam City Center.

We are a proud member of Bovag and Inqar

Large moving truck for rent in Amsterdam
Rent and drive your own moving truck. The most economical way to move your furniture in Amsterdam