Nedcars Parking Information

You have just collected your Nedcars rental vehicle. Thank you for doing business with us! We would like to ask you to briefly read through this important information.

Return after opening hours

When returning your Nedcars vehicle outside our opening hours,  it is best to park at our parking area on Willem de Zwijgerlaan 300. The map below shows the exact location of this parking facility. Parking space is limited.

Paid street parking

When the parking lot is full, you will need to use a public parking space. Please keep in mind that street parking is not free from Monday to Saturday 9:00 am till midnight. You will have to pay until the next opening of our office. Any parking fine is for the renter of the car and an additional administration fee is charged by us for processing.

Car key drop-off box

The key of the Nedcars vehicle can be dropped in our key drop-off box which is located at our office, on the Karel Doormanstraat 105 E. Also see the map below for the location. Please make sure you fully rotate the drop-off system and make sure the key has dropped safely in the box. 

We will never ask you to leave the key in any other location.  In case of any kind of  suspicious situation, please keep the key to yourself and contact us. If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to call us during opening hours: 020-688 1015 from a local phone or +31 20 688 1015 from a foreign phone.

Parking at Nedcars
Sleutel drop box