Rent a refrigerated Van

Rent refrigerated vans with cool or freezing units

When you are transporting fresh goods, you want them to be transported as such. At Nedcars, we offer a variety in refrigerated vans and vans with cooling or freezing units.

Why rent a refrigerated van at Nedcars?

We offer a lot of different refrigerated vans. Our vans are equipped with the newest and most advanced technology, which makes that they can both cool- and heat. We also have vans with night cooling, which means they can easily be used as a cooling unit. This is especially ideal for caterers that need cooling for multiple days in a row. Renting a refrigerated van with an increased payload is also possible: we are here Monday through Sunday to give you personal advice. Nedcars has been working together with caterers and food suppliers for a long time and we are always open to help you come up with creative solutions. Are you looking to transport goods that don’t necessarily need to be cooled? A delivery van might be the better choice for you.